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The lion and the dragon...what greater love has the world ever known?

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Welcome to my journal!

This is a fic-posting journal to indulge in all things Harry/Draco. I am not new to writing, whether it be original or fanfiction, but I'm just getting started creating H/D fics. I have several works in progress, and as they are completed they will be posted here. I hope you enjoy my fics, and I welcome your feedback!

A couple of disclaimers:

1) The standard: The majority of the characters in my fics, especially our favorite boys, are not mine, much to my infinate sadness. They belong to JK Rowling and all the corporations who share in the Harry Potter franchise. I simply borrow them for my own amusement, and make no money from doing so. Don't sue!

2) To the readers - I'll be clear on the warnings in each fic I write as to what's involved. Feel free to avoid it if it's not your cup of tea, and please don't flame me if you read something you don't like anyway. Most of my fics are of the NC-17 variety, cause it's just more fun for me. Each fic will have an appropriate rating listed, and the fic will be behind a cut. By clicking that link you are stating that you are 18 or over and are aware that the content you're about to read is not appropriate for minors. Anyone underage is prohibited from reading. The owner of this journal is not responsible for minors who choose to ignore the warnings.

Please feel free to friend this journal. I'll likely add you back, especially if you have some tasty H/D fics of your own in your journal - I can't get enough! =)

Finally, I DO NOT give permission for my fics to be uploaded to other sites, or copied. I appreciate any recs you may care to make, but please do so by linking to this journal.

Enjoy the H/D goodness!
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